Scotch Tape Stand Scotch Tape Stand

Scotch Tape Stand

At the moment I am experimenting in the field of three dimensionl visual communication. The task is to develop an inexpensive idea for an exhibition stand or other fields of applications where my university has to present itself. Therefore I am developing an adaptable architecture made out of scotch tape. This architecture will be able to carry a wide range of design objects. The basic idea is to create a correlated shape, which has a very sculptural appearance that represents the networked and multidisciplinary way of working at my university.

Mirko Borsche Workshop

Mirko Borsche Workshop

A workshop with Mirko Borsche was held at our university and therefore made some collage magazines as a pool of inspiration.

Painting Painting Painting


Some big format paintings I did at university. Acrylic on Canvas, Mentoring Prof. Erich Reiling.

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